Why Intellistage

portable stage


Fast and easy assembly and disassembly by one person! Heavy, bulky designs require multiple people to carry, assemble and disassemble the stage.

Smart, modular design allows you to use the same stage for all your needs and change the size, height and shape as you need. Stages available in large rectangular fixed height platforms. Basically, the stage you buy is the stage you get. If you want to change the size, height or shape you have to buy a whole new stage!

1. Modular square, triangle and quarter round platforms allow you to create any size stage you need and allow you to create shapes such as circles, y-configurations, catwalks or any other shape you may need.

1. These options are just not available.

2. 8", 16", 24" and 32" risers are available so you can change the height of your stage as needed. You can even stack risers on top of each other (no more then 2 risers high) and create even more height combinations.

2. Only fixed heights are available.

4'x4' stage platforms come standard with cable ports which allow lighting and sound cords to stay out of performers' way. No cable ports mean sloppy cords and danger for performers.

Easy to upgrade. If you need a bigger stage in the future just purchase more components. They will always work with your existing stage. The size you buy is the size you get. If you want a new size, height or shape you have to buy a whole new stage .

Light weight, compact design is easy to transport. So compact it can even fit in the trunk of a car for transportation; saving time and money. Stages usually need to be transported by large trucks or trailers adding to your costs.

Compact storage. The whole stage can be stacked up and stored in a 4'X 4' foot print Bulky, large stages usually require warehouse space for storage

Multiple accessories available such as skirts, chair stops, mobile stage conversion kits, guardrails, equipment and wheel chair ramps, catwalks and adjustable height backdrops. Accessories are limited, not available or must be purchased from another manufacturer.

1. Mobile Stage Kit: allows you to turn your stage into a mobile wheeled unit.

1. Want a mobile stage? Buy a whole new one with wheels.

2. Adjustable height leg kits assist with easy set-up on uneven surfaces.

2. Need help setting up on uneven surfaces? Use wooden or paper shims and hope for the best.

3. Smart equipment and wheel chair ramps can be used in almost any available space and any staging installation. The same ramp can also be adjusted to use with different height stages.

3. Usually no ramps are available or if they are, they not adjustable so they cannot fit into tight spaces. Also the same ramp cannot be used with different height stages.

4. Guard rails work with all platforms and step.

4. Guard rails usually have to be purchased from another manufacturer. They may not fit or match.

5. Catwalks are perfect for fashion shows.

5. Catwalks need to be purchased from separate manufacturer.

6. Adjustable height back drops.

6. No back drops available or if they are available they are not adjustable.

Several smart storage and transportation systems available . Pick and choose depending on your needs. No transportation choices available. You need a whole crew to carry your stage and a trailer or large warehouse space to store it and keep it secure!

1. ATA storage cases. Perfect for airline travel, rental applications and when you need added security.

1. Not available.

2. Caster Board Systems. Perfect for storage and transportation .within a venue, school, church or business

2. Not available.

3. Trolleys for storing, platforms, risers, ramps and guardrails.

3. Not available.

Economically priced. Expensive.