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Connecting Hardware For Various Heights Of Stages & Steps (4 Pack)


Riser Extension Hardware (4 Pack)

Intellistage Riser Extension Hardware (4-pack). NOTE: 8in and 20cm models can only be placed on the bottom and will not work as the top riser.

Replacement Parts Kit

The Intellistage Replacement Kit gives you the ability to replace any Intellistage part making it the most valuable resource you can have. Never go on tour without an ISRK. Part Kit contains: 4 Corner Locking Posts, 4 Coupling Posts, 4 Riser Feet, 16 Riser Pins, 4 Hex Keys and 4 Platform to Platform Locking Mechanisms.

Stacking Cup For Intellistage Risers (25 Pack)

Designed to help IntelliStage risers sit level on uneven surfaces. These stacking cups fit on the bottom side of riser feet and snap together with other stacking cups in order to allow you to even out your stage. Sold in 25 packs, stacking cups are the fastest way to get your stage level so the show can go on!

10 Pack Of 6" Screw In Legs For 3x3 Platforms

10 Pack of 6" Screw in Legs for 3x3 Platforms

10 Pack Of Self Adhesive Rubber Feet For Risers

Rubber feet attach to the bottom of IntelliStage risers. The rubber feet provided better grip and prevent the stage from moving while positioned on slippery or smooth surfaces.

8 Pack Of Loop & Hook Covered Clips For Skirts

Skirt clips secure onto the edge of all IntelliStage platforms. Skirts are then secured to the clips through the use of hook and loop fastners. This pack is perfect for someone who whats to make their own custom stage skirts or wishes to purchase replacement clips for their existing skirts. Our standard skirt packages come standard with skirt [...]VIEW MORE

Cable Port Plugs

Cable port plugs cover the cable port hole that is found on many IntelliStage platforms. All platforms come standard with cable port plugs. This pack is specifically designed for individuals seeking to replace a lost cable port plug.

Intellistage Cable Port Plugs - Replacement Pack (4 Pack)

These cable port plugs are quickly removed and installed onto all platforms with cable ports. With no special installatioin required these ports just pop in and out in a snap making them the quickest way to run cabling

Replacement Intellistage Riser Feet (8pcs)

Replacement 8 pack of Intellistage feet. This pack is specifically used when to repair a damaged or broken IntelliStage foot. The new riser foot is secured in place with the supplied pins.

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