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8" High Riser for 3' Step Platform
Unique accordion-style folding stage platform riser provides sturdy support for your step platform. Deceptively lightweight and compact, risers lock securely to platforms via our unique platform locking screws. Riser height can also be increased up to 64" high using the optional ISREK riser coupler (for safety, never couple more than two risers). Risers are available for square, quarter round, triangle and step platforms in heights of 8, 16, 24 and 32 inches.

Please note, ISSJ Connection hardware must be used to connect steps to staging. Failure to use ISSJ hardware may result in faulty connections and can lead failure and injury. Intellistage is not liable if steps are not properly installed without ISSJ connection hardware.

California customers, click here for important Prop 65 information.

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