Intellistage Height Adjustable Stages

Any of our stages can be converted into a height adjustable stage.Using the same metal frames that allow you to make our stages mobile, you can easily change out the wheels from the bottom of the frames and replace them with our height adjustable legs. Each leg can be adjusted up to 5” ( 12.5 cm) vertically and allows you full and complete control on how you want to set up your stage.

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Metal Frames For Staging

The metal frame is the basis for creating a mobile or height adjustable stage. Metal frames support collapsible risers and IntelliStage platforms and secure to either casters or height adjustable risers.

Master Pack Of Adjustable Feet For Single Frame

The adjustable feet secure to the metal frame to create a stage that can be adjusted in height or can adapt to uneven ground.

8 Pack Of Brackets For Interior Frame To Frame Connections

8 Pack of Brackets for Interior Frame to Frame Connections. These brackets secure multiple metal frames together to solid structure.

4 Pack Of Brackets For Perimiter Frame To Frame Connections

4 Pack of Brackets for Perimiter Frame to Frame Connections. These brackets secure the entire perimiter of all the metal frames.

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