Intellistage Transportation / Storage

We offer several transportation/storage options.

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Transportation Flight Case

This compact, lightweight flight case was designed to take the sweat out of transporting a 6 platform stage system. Pop off the lift-off lid, and insert or remove your platforms - minus the perspiration. This case also features storage compartments for 6 platform risers as well as additional utility space for hardware, clamps and skirts, all mounted on 4 heavy duty [...]VIEW MORE

Caster Board Systems For Intellistage Platforms

Capable of holding up to 24-36 platforms, our Caster Boards are designed for on site transportation. Featuring beefy lockable caster wheels, corner locking mechanisms to secure the base platform and industrial straps/ratchets ensure that nothing moves unless you want it to. Perfect for both moving an entire stage system for show purposes as well as storage between [...]VIEW MORE

Accessory Compartments For Caster Board

Accessory case designed to work with the the IntelliStage Caster Board. Accommodates both risers and skirts.

Guard Rail Trolley - Supports Up To 12 Guard Rails, Platforms Or Ramp Hardware

Our Intellistage multi-purpose trolley is perfect for both storage and transportation for up to 12 guard rails or ramp frames or up to 10 IntelliStage platforms. Trolley comes with interchangeable V and L shaped brackets to hold ramp frames, guard rails, platforms or a combination of both. straps secure everything during transportation and our included accessory pouch ensures you won't [...]VIEW MORE

Platform And Riser Trolley For Up To 4 Platforms And Risers

Designed to help move small stages numbering between 1-4 platforms including folding platforms. The IS4TROLLEY is composed of a handle, wheeled base and accessory/riser basket. The wheeled base and handle attach to platforms through the same locking mechanisms found on our platforms. When not in use the IS4TROLLEY breaks down into individual components and takes [...]VIEW MORE

Universal Transportation Storage Trolley

Holds 20 pcs of 1m x 1m or 4’ x 4’ Intellistage Panels

Trolley For Intellistage System

Trolley for IntelliStage system - Ships in a flat pack. Holds 10 pcs of 1m x 1m or 4' x 4' Intellistage platforms and risers

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